How "God Makes God" is a 1993 CD-ROM about probability, game theory, genetic algorithms, and evolutionary strategies

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Mark, dude, it’s New Years Eve.

Heavy is for the punch bowl tonight. :tropical_drink:


Who goes to a party on a night pandemic like this??

(Although I too bookmarked this to look at later.)


I don’t have 14 hours right now, but the resolution of this “paradox” is that it isn’t a paradox at all, so long as you remember that the first words of the second law are: In a closed system…


I rarely dig through old hypercard stacks but given the strong rec from Mark I’m gonna make an exception for this one.

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That review page in bOING bOING is interesting anyway, as a historical artifact. The other CD-ROMs reviewed include one with 100 pictures on it, a phone directory and one with a bunch of Looney Tunes clips.

I’m not old enough to have really experienced these HyperCard experiments but I’m strongly reminded of all the weird Flash games I played on Newgrounds in the early naughties.

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