How Harper's "anti-terror" bill ends privacy in Canada

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wait, we had privacy?!

“…bill ends privacy in Canada”

An absurd headline.

I’m no fan of Harper, his government, or this legislation, but silly overstatement helps nobody … except those will will now have a bit more justification to dismiss you as “out-of-touch” lefties.

Suggest you stop trying to “help” …

Before you rant on Cory, you might want to read Michael Geist’s article, which Cory referenced, the full title of which is “Why The Anti-Terrorism Bill is Really an Anti-Privacy Bill: Bill C-51’s Evisceration of Privacy Protection”

So, a bit hyper yes, but close enough for a headline.


And by terrorist they mean anyone who opposes the oil sands project.


In context: is your last name spelled “Tuttle” or “Buttle”?

It says right here, Mr. Buttle is an infamous anti-petroleum terror suspect…

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Isn’t that a derivation of Fuddle/Duddle?

I’m not personally that interesting in my internet activities that such a search of said activities would potentially get me arrested…

It’s a reference to the film Brazil and the consequences of false positives in a police state. It’s not just your activities you have to worry about…

Also, congrats on your 3rd week here on the BB-BBS.


One of the most powerful strategies people can undertake now is for small groups and communities to take over what has been called “public records”. Such as births, school, marriages, deaths, etc. Recording your birth is how you get put into “the system” in the first place. If you do the same thing with your children, then the same thing happens to them. There are very real and quite simple things the average person can do here.

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