How haunters remember their own among 2016's deaths

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Does Disney own Willy Wonka? Because they own R2D2 now, and I fully expect this attraction to be shut down and sued into oblivion.

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I’m confused. Both Kenny Baker and Gene Wilder died this year, but the tombstone for Wilder is in Wonka’s name, while Baker’s is in his own (despite still being R2D2 themed).


Disney isn’t in the habit of suing free fan-made attractions like this. They usually encourage them these days.

They only get riled up if people are violating copyright for cash. A tribute to a Star Wars actor isn’t going to activate the lawyer-bots.

Well that’s smart. I thought I heard the opposite, but things change.

Considering all the Celebrity Deaths, I hope they have a big yard. :frowning:

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I’m a little sad there aren’t markers for Frederick Frankenstein and Fidgit from Time Bandits.

Especially the latter. I know it was just a supporting role but I can’t watch that movie without being happy to see the person inside R2D2.

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