How I store and organize my magic tricks


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In all seriousness, I use something very similar for my electronics “go-kit.” The adjustable dividers are indispensable. Actually it seems like I can never have enough small containers for my tiny and highly loseable crap.


Of course, the REAL tricks are stored in secret drawers beneath the visible ones.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the cries of an over-curious little boy who got into Mark’s box and is now trapped in miniature form in a match-box.


Mine are in an ornate Polish wood box with brass ornamentation.



I use a Hat of the Magician, of course.


I use a Hat of the Magician, of course.


The Stanley SortMaster Junior – Who’s ready for safe magical fun?

Please tell me there’s a Sr. version, for when magical shit gets real:


Just lucky he didn’t find the Lament Configuration first.


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