Purse towers are shelves filled with containers that folks use to organize anything they might put into a purse

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I thought I might be excessive with my 9-cube storage shelf and some bins for all my bags and accessories… apparently not!

This was right after we moved. I’ve put all the smaller hats in clear hatboxes now, and the rest is filled with my bags. I’ve got a thing for kitschy Betsey Johnson bags.


Well, I’m definitely feeling better about the fact that I had both a battery case and a plain case for my last phone.

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Nice hats!


That is some serious dedication to making things mix and match. I guess everyone needs a hobby. Guys posting Everyday Carry Items are blase by comparison.


Oh fuck off with your “new” trend… It’s exhausting!

Then some twat trys to give you a “random” act of “kindness”, but they’re just bulling themselves up for likes or some shit.
God! I hate being old …




I know this is a tad off topic, but in case anyone is interested how to push this specific trend the other way:

We can make manufacturers responsible for their very irresponsible materials choices.


Putting together a new combination of my “everyday carry” from dozens of mix-and-match options every single day? I don’t care how organised one is, that’s a lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted money and plastic waste.


I am old. I keep each purse loaded with a color coordinated Case pocket knife , a comb with wide teeth, and a ball point pen. All other things are in various pouches which can be quickly swapped as needed.


That makes a lot more sense. Stylish and efficient.

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Hear, hear!


a drawer full of “hand sanitizer holders” — I think I counted 23. There’s also a drawer that holds at least 30 hand sanitizers, a drawer holding at least 25 phone cases and 5 pop sockets, another drawer holding approximately 20 air pod cases, and another holding at least 30 “small” keychains. She follows up with another video, which highlights a drawer containing 20 “big” wallets, and another one that shows a drawer with at least 30 “large keychains” and at least 20 “keychain wallets.”

OK, so we’ve found the people responsible for keeping the Chinese economy afloat. /s

A certain person I know has a simple system: A ‘master’ handbag used on many occasions with all necessary accoutrements within, from which ‘temporary’ handbags are filled with a sub-set of items as and when circumstances dictate or when she just wants a different bag that day.

I also have a system: ‘wallet, glasses, phone, keys’ plus always a handkerchief in pocket and keyring also has a small penknife and two safety pins on it. (But I acknowledge that as a man (a) I have pockets, and (b) I am lucky not to need several daily ‘essential’ female accoutrements)

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Wallet, two phones, keys. 4 core items. My foolproof system breaks down though when I have to bring something extra, as I will invariably forget one of the four core items.


Yeah; 2x ID cards, 2x credit cards, $20 cash*, 2x keys on a carabiner, a pocket knife, and my phone. If I don’t have two pockets, I carry a wristlet bag. Maybe a spare band-aid in with the cards if I remember (I’m clumsy).


Edit: I do know a person who resembles the OP video, and their need to acquire and sort is painful to observe. It’s an illness.


My foolproof system is so ingrained, takes such priority, that I sometimes forget the other important thing I was specifically supposed to take on that particular expedition. :man_shrugging:

My bag is packed like a go-bag; drop the phone in and go.

I do not understand these people.


Me, neither, but I have just two bags, identical but different colors, that I switch between. And all I carry on a daily basis is a sketch book, phone, ID and other necessary cards, reusable shopping bag,…really basic stuff. And I def do not coordinate my phone case to my outfit…

After reading this thread, I do want to add a pocket knife to the mix. Very handy mutants, we have!


I do kind of get it though; it’s a way to exert control over your environment. Organizing things into neat little bins is a faster and easier fix than trying to effect change in a rapidly decaying society. I may not be able to control anything else happening around me, but by God I can arrange my sewing supplies by color.


Yeah, the organizing isn’t as bad as the acquisition, but they’re linked. “Buy!” dopamine hits add up to crippling debt, which creates a need for “control” helpers, which in turn encourages consumption. Rinse, repeat.