What do you carry with you every day?


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Relevant: http://www.reddit.com/r/EDC

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So, I suggested that @uniqueusername do this, but I’m still up so I figure, why not do it myself?

I thought we could have a thread where we share our EDCs, show off interesting objects/hacks we have. I bet some people here have some interesting stuff. Who knows, maybe some Boingers will post in here too?

I’ll start, this is what I typically carry with me. Apologies for incompetent photography.

Top Row:

Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil
County Comm Embassy Pen
Pen Type-A (backed this early on Kickstarter, took forever to arrive, love it)
Nokia Lumia 920
Field Notes Fire Spotter Edition
Obtanium aluminium wallet (another Kickstarter, I love minimal wallets)

Bottom Row:

Kaijin’s Model-A Brass Fishhook Keyring, with MAKR bottle opener, Lacie IAMAKEY USB stick and NYC transit token from Roosevelt Island Cable Car
Laco Flieger-B Pilot’s watch on James Bond NATO strap
Best Made Co Higo Knife


Oooo I had to run inside and get my keys so I could share a picture. I’m kind of a minimalist, so there won’t be much:

Main items are:

  • a new-ish AAA LED flashlight, which is pleasingly small and light.
  • the Leatherman Squirt PS4, though I now recommend the newer “both pliers and scissors” version. Need to update…
  • awesome nite-ize S-biners for attaching the Squirt. I could probably use a size 0.5 but I use a size 1 here.

I also carry a wallet of course, the nice and thin Tyvek Mighty Wallet as I covered in my blog.

And my iPhone 5, but everyone has that. Booooring.


#Jewelery edition:
I never take any of this stuff off—even to shower—so it’s more true EDC than everything else since I don’t sleep with my keys, wallet, etc. (well, the leather watchband gets funky when wet, so even though the watch is waterproof, I take it off in the shower. otherwise I wear it always.)

  • Timex Weekender. 30 meters waterproof and with Indiglo. custom band Sno-Sealed and mink oiled.
  • my great-uncle Bill’s navy ring, given to him and inscribed by my great-grandfather. strong 10k gold. I was the male grandkid that wore jewelry, so I got it.
  • chain from my mom’s hippie days
  • the necklace, beads, and hammered bangle are all touristy souvenirs friends brought back from overseas. they suit me well, but worn also to rep my friends
  • no story on the other ring, I just bought it for looks.

This is just the current line-up from the over 25 years I’ve worn this type of thing. the chain and navy ring are the only ones that’ve survived the round-the-clock wear plus general abuse that I put my body—and therefore jewelery—through. some pieces I’ve removed for not suiting my current tastes, but usually I find something I like, put it on, and it gets worn until it comes up missing due to falling apart.


• Alassio File containing drawing paper, Staedtler mechanical pencil and eraser
• Fisherman´s Friend mints
• Some old business card holder
• Spyderco Tenacious
• Saddleback Leather wallet
• Kobo e-reader with Coverup cover case


I’m a mother. The list is too long to write up!


Eek! I guess you never know when you might need to slice someone’s throat.

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You carry a Rotring 600 around - how do you avoid bending the tip?

Does that knife lock in place? Do you ever worry about slicing your fingers off when fumbling in your pocket for your keys?

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Another interesting forum on EDC is the Every Day Carry blog: http://everydaycarryblog.com/

Journal, pens, assorted books, headphones, weekly magazines, and anything else I think I might need all fit in my Raven bag. I got it because I liked the design, which includes actual text of Poe’s poem. It was a friend who pointed out that I’d put a bird on it. For clarification I do not carry a fire extinguisher.

Here’s the journal I carry.

And naturally today I forgot to wear my half-crown watch, but thank goodness for the internet providing me with a picture of one that looks just like it.

The funny thing is, even though I always carry a pen, the fact that I work on a college campus means I haven’t had to buy one in fifteen years. I find 'em all over the place.

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I bought a similar ring off ebay ages ago. It’s silver, and was really beat up, had a resizing crack in the ring. I took it to a jeweler for resizing who repaired it completely and polished it to supreme beauty. As a Sailor (now retired) I consider it a part of my heritage - it most likely belonged to a WWII Sailor.

  1. My key ring with a house key and a car key on it.
  2. My wallet.


Simplify, people. Simplify.


Field Notes of that size are much inferior to Moleskin for two main reasons: One, Moleskins are stitched for binding, not 3 staples and two, Moleskins have some perforated pages for easy removal. Tear a page out of a FN note pad and you lose corresponding page as well. Field Notes is nothing but an exercise in branding.

Which brings me to Best Made, yet another exercise in branding and over pricing. They carry good products, but almost nothing that cannot be found elsewhere for less money. Often the exact same product as they private label a lot of stuff.

My only true EDC is a small (1 AAA) Dorcy flashlight and a Wave Leatherman multi tool which I find has by far the best mix of tools. Both of which fit in just about any pair of pants pockets without notice, but sometimes the Wave has to stay home in the unusual circumstance of dress pants or air travel.

My (lady) EDC:
Capsul Wallet: indestructible, waterproof, not too masculine. I keep a couple sheets of gridded paper in there as well as cards and family photos.
Keyring with TEC clip, TEC glowfob, Utlilikey, mini flashlight, inka pen, USB drive… and keys
Warby Parker Sunglasses

The One Ring


I’m usually travelling between home and office in a car, in office or home. Car, office and home are full of often useful crap, but I, personally, like travelling light.

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Pocket Moleskine
Faber-Castell Grip Finepen 0.4
Yer Standard Leather Wallet
Leatherman Micra Multitool
Bus Pass
iPod Touch (not pictured - took the picture with it)

(I also carry a shoulder bag with different gadgets depending on the day but which usually includes a 1st gen iPad, Kindle, wireless headphones, USB key, sunglasses, lighter, etc)

You definitely sound like my mother. I’m one of four, and her keychain alone looked like steampunk janitor’s earring.

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