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wallet, cellphone, keys.


Wallet, GLASSES, phone, keys!


UNDERWEAR, wallet, glasses, phone, keys!

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Not critical. :wink:


Pants or underwear, one or the other. Usually.


the phillips head screwdriver looks about as inconvenient as it can be, at a 45 degree angle and with a sharp point to stab beneath your fingernail if you need to apply and sort of force to keep the phillips seated.

I have a nice multi-tool that I do NOT edc, because 9 times out of 10 i find myself cursing and/or hurting myself when i try to use the phillips or flat head bit that are included with most mutlitools. nevermind that they generally don’t work well enough to even assist with the reason to edc them.

my edc is wallet, keys, glasses cleaner, and now facemask… and in my car I have a 100 piece mechanics tools set for anything i’d need edc tools for.

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I like my Leatherman Rebar, a rework of the original Leatherman tool with better blade steel where every tool locks. Slim and smooth enough not to chew on your butt or jeans too much, if kept out of the little leather holster, REAL needle-nose, replaceable hard wire cutter (nice touch; these always chip eventually), decent philips, and 2 R440 steel blades, among other tools, really make it indispensable. There’s also a reasonably useful little extension to use the tool as a handle for small sockets and whatnot.

The can opener, however, definitely works but is pretty horrid. I advise a P-38 ^^’. Leatherman has always been kinda poo for that, sadly.

It’s also a decent fistpack when you DON’T wanna stab someone. Ahem. But a Rebar and a Micra together pretty much get me where I need to go, and I have yet to break one (I lose them, generally). The Micra is my key fob, in fact, and has been for ~10 years flawlessly.

Interestingly, the original Leatherman Tool was actually for rebar work, “Leatherman” notwithstanding.

Where you gonna stick your wallet, phone, and keys? In your other “wallet?” How you gonna clean those glasses? Especially if you keep them for any amount of time with the wallet, phone, and keys!

And a good pocket knife.

Seriously, that’s a great pocket knife.

Not in my underwear!

Phone - glued to ear. Wallet - in hand. Keys - in car ignition. Glasses - hanging round neck. Naturists of the world - lead the (pocketless) way!

PS @Jerry_Vandesic When will you colonials learn that pants ARE underwear. A gentleman’s proper attire below the waist is either a kilt or TROUSERS! (Shorts permissible only in tropical climes, and only when pith helmet donned.) :wink:

PPS @bheerssen My ‘pocket’ knife is my key-ring knife. Refer to naturist comment earlier, ref pockets.

For avoidance of doubt, above comments are for amusement only. I am not a naturist. I am British, and thus at all times only expose the absolute minimum of non-facial skin in public.

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You must gather your party before venturing forth.

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Yes. I think it’s pretty common to carry a basic pocket knife or one of the less ostentatious models of a swiss army knife. And older generations would carry a pen and some paper with them. I particularly like having tweezers and scissors. Tools that you usually need in the moment and can’t easily wait to do later. Trim a loose thread before a meeting. Remove a tick while hiking.

Is this true?

Only if one is the sort if mark conned by that sort of marketing bullshit.

A good marketeer would try to describe situations in which these were not sufficient and show the implications of that, and thus demonstrate the need for something more.

But the prats who write this crap just make random declarative statements, assuming their audience is already in tune with the ‘lifestyle’ they think these products represent and have no need for a ‘use case’ in order to be persuaded to buy.


100% True. The hobo heydays where keys, pocket knife and loose slips of paper were enough are long gone. EDC standards now dictate that you must carry an awkward “slim” wallet that is just an expensive replacement for a rubberband, a knurled tactical pen, a paracord bracelet with compass, a multi-tool with trenching shovel and bone saw, a first aid kit with tourniquet, and a folding pocket knife-style key holder - and that’s without all the additional gun-related Red State requirements…


Dude. Where’s your 2000-lumen, 12-mode, tactical LED flashlight? Good luck stumbling around in the dark trying to find your “pants”, whatever they are.


And don’t forget, those

few loose slips of paper down at the bottom of your pocket

should these days be tactical paper.

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I’m putting together my kit to survive the coming Depression. Wallet and keys probably irrelevant.