How Ico came to cast a colossal shadow over game design


Ueda’s third game, The Last Guardian, will be released in w͓̲͙͖̥͉̹͋ͬ̊ͦ̂̀̚ ͎͉͖̌ͯͅͅd̳̘̿̃̔̏ͣ͂̉̕ŏ̖̙͋ͤ̊͗̓͟͜e͈͕̯̮̙̣͓͌ͭ̍̐̃͒s͙͔̺͇̗̱̿̊̇͞

Nice. Very nice.


I was late to the game (pun intended) and just picked up the duo of Ico and SOTC a couple of months ago. Finished Ico in a day, much like how engaging Portal was. Loved feeling of being immersed in the worlds, the pervasive mood of it all. Reminded me of Myst back in the early 90s. I can understand some people’s obsession with SOTC and wanting to find the final 17th “hidden” colossus (as mentioned previously on BB), the desire to not ever want to leave that world.

Okay, so that was intentional. I thought maybe it was the weirdest text rendering error I had ever seen.

At this point I am assuming that it will be a launch title for the PS12.

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I see what you did there Rob.

The great thing of both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus is that you get bound by the characters and their story, in a way I haven’t seen in many other games.

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