Ico and Shadow of the Colossus prints

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Or you could just like… get a Chirico print

I must not have gotten the memo. Who decided this and when did they do so?

Hey now, those turdlingtons don’t speak for me. One can self-identify as a “gamer” (and be a fan of Leigh Alexander) and not be a bleating sad-sack choob of a troll online. There’s worthwhile liberal/inclusive critical discussion to be had about the artiness and/or gaminess of interactive media!


vis-a-vis these prints: Cook & Becker offer quality products (I have one of Monika Zawistowska’s Witcher 3 environments from them) and I’d encourage people to look through their site; there’s lots of good stuff there. The two referenced prints are bit visually bland for my taste, though I do appreciate the starkness and drab palettes (I like e.g. Pieter Saenredam’s melancholy, sometimes harsh church interiors, which have the same mild colors but much more in the way of linear variety to draw the eye). Here’s a bolder SotC print by Oregonian artist Jeff Langevin that’s more my speed.

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