How it feels to be under DDoS attack

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Very interesting - its great that he has shared this, and some good advice there

Anybody have a transcript link?


I’ll tell you how it feels to be under a DDOS attack at Onramp Access… I rode to work that morning on my bicycle, as usual. Rode the elevator up to the top floor in our downtown office building. Parked the bike in an empty office down the hall, changed into work clothes there and headed for my desk. A few “good mornings” with passers-by, and I started to take calls.

For the next 4 hours I was bombarded by customers asking if their web account was paid up, or if email was down because they couldn’t connect to check it! It seemed to work fine there in the office. Onramp didn’t really have a “daily issues” resource to communicate what crises were ongoing. I browsed through Outlook while I talked into the headset. Hmmm… nothing but routine items in my inbox. We were a couple techs short, so I was chained to my desk. Funny, there were fewer people than usual walking about… but my boss Don, strolled past several times, unfortunately at moments I couldn’t get his attention. My assurances to the customers got more and more creative. But some folks kept calling back for updates…

It was nigh on lunchtime when I finally saw Don walking into his office, and I wasn’t on a damn call. "Don, is there some issue with the email today?

“Oh yeah… there’s a… DOS going on… we’re getting thousands of requests per second for a web page %blah-blah-blah%, but I pulled it down so they’re getting 404’s…” He said it so mellow and casual, you’d think he was talking about where he might go to lunch.

“Don, don’t you think I should have been told about this? The customers are calling and I don’t know what to say!”

Don frowned and simply retreated into his office and closed the door.

Believe it or not, these clowns are still in business.


Our company is starting to get to the point where we should be thinking about this. Thanks for the reminder.

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