How many licks to get to the center of an Apple Watch Ultra?

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I call that the “Apple Shackle”, see it worn by all the Apple inmates.

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I did not click through but I had a YouTube recommendation of an Apple Watch Ultra in a pressure chamber. Does Ultra mean extra views of potentially destructive testing?

Edit: I went back to find it and they did not destructively test it. The thumbnail said “beyond limit” on the watch but it was not extremely beyond.

I really don’t know about TaskRabbit, but I would absolutely recommend Czernobog.

EtA: By the way, TIL the 6th meaning of lick (noun) in Wiktionary. At first, I really thought it was an extremely long task.


For more information on how an Apple (or various other fruits) will hold up to blows from a sledgehammer be sure to consult the research of Dr. Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr.

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My first thought was, “Amazon makes a bulletproof bracelet?”

As someone who has purchased Apple products in order to use them for purposes, I can’t tell you how pwned I feel whenever someone on the internet convinces themselves they’re in an intense, abusive personal relationship with this NASDAQ-listed corporation. It’s so clear that in these scenarios, I’m the one whose brain has gone wrong.

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