How Minecraft was born

I’ve put hundreds of hours into DF but I use a tileset cos I’m a wimp.

Regarding the influence of DF on Minecraft - it’s been acknowledged as an inspiration but Notch soon abandoned his original vision and we have what we have now.

Also, there’s Gnomoria for a DF-lite experience but it just doesn’t generate stories the way DF does because the gnomes are automatons and not prone to madness or depression. Doublefine are also working on Starbase DF-9 which they’re hoping will be DF in space, but it’s in a very early state.

That star base one looks nifty! Will keep an eye on that.

Ye I tried out some tile sets but felt they just added character where it wasn’t wanted - I didn’t feel it upped my comprehension of what was what (each to their own of course, and I am in the minority).

I think isometric is a good way to go though for ‘proper graphics’ - so the starbase one is onto something there.

I’ve tried some of the alternatives - but as you say none have the same spirit as DF - it’s very unique in its complexity and depth.

Another thing to remember about Dwarf Fortress is that it’s still technically in alpha release, and thus nowhere near its final form. The game’s creator is inching toward releasing a massive new update one of these weeks.

You mean at some point before the heat-death of the universe?

I don’t think Toady is ever going to move DF past the Alpha stage. He would rather spend his time increasing the fidelity of the circulatory system model or adding some kind of new mob that will utterly dick over your dwarves and be utterly impossible to stop, and maybe considering adding some sort of effective defense against that mob in a few years, maybe.

I would seriously recommend reading some of the DF Let’s Play threads on Something Awful. They are things of beauty, genius, horror and madness.

I seem to recall an interview where Toady said that he might take it out of alpha after update 0.100. Maybe. Given that it’s in 0.34, it could be a little while.

Hmm, so he’s managed 34 versions in 7 years, he should have a beta out by 2026 or so, although I think his releases have been slowing down over the years so it will probably take longer than that.

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