Timing is everything in Minecraft's new combat system

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Users are complaining bitterly, but you know how conservative kids are. It just takes some getting used to.


Has any online game ever that trusts the client side to do game logic not been ruined by cheaters?


I abandoned Minecraft early on for Terraria to enjoy combat and I doubt Minecraft’s update is even close to that level. I never really understood how much combat Minecraft had already.

I’ve been roped into RUST, which is scratching my itch for vandalizing the creations of others.It’s from the Garry’s Mod creator, and it’s certainly laggy and buggy.

Confused. The least interesting aspects of science and engineering which are suitable for gaming are more interesting than another combat system. For commercial games, all roads sometimes seem to lead to combat. :frowning:


have you tried stardew valley yet?

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Thank you!

That looks like a super-fun and interesting game premise. I’d love to write and referee a game like that with text, dice and maps if I had the time.

I shared the link too with some teachers and parents. :gear:

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