Minecraft schools edition in beta testing

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This sounds pretty good- a company responding to the off-book use of Minecraft in education. So that’s good.
I keep trying to get into the game, and I keep feeling like I’m missing something. Maybe it’s because I’m a thirty (mumble mumble) year old man and I’m not the target audience, but I just end up missing the pull.
I dunno.
I do keep poking my kids to try it, but it hasn’t started resonating with them yet, either.

I am assuming this is going to replace Minecraft EDU?

Have you tried creative mode, gives you access to more block types so you can build more. Also joining a server with friends can be more fun, building a shared world where you can make simple or complex structures.

Personally I prefer to play in survival with monster off, 'cause I’ve have a few too many close encounters with creepers, but some of my friends like to use creative to build huge structures and on a shared server I built a large underwater pyramid with secret panels and had fun looking round at what others had built.

In the end not everyone has to like the game since if we all liked the same thing the world would get dull fast.

I’m a 46yo woman and I love Minecraft. I think it’s too bad it’s got labelled a kid’s game – the relatively low level of gore and violence means it is suitable for kids, but it’s more “all ages”.

I play in survival mode, but focus on building up a safe environment. I think there’s great opportunities to meditate on culture itself in it, and how traditions get built up from the local environment.

I’ve wound up researching ancient cities like Petra to get ideas for how to build. It’s been really rewarding.

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