How much value did your account generate for Twitter?


It’s crack-like fun

Maybe I’ll check it out in one of my drunken stupors.


It’s not quite correct.

Your account did not originate with 175K followers on day 1.

More recent (assuming you have more followers now than 1 year ago) tweets are worth more than old tweets, even though the old ones are still available, it’s not rational to figure that anyone would read them when starting to follow.

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I’ve been on twitter for almost 2000 days… but have only 7 followers and 6 tweets. So, not generating so many eyeballs per day…

I only tweet when I have something dumb to say and there’s no one around to hear it. In that regard, Twitter has more than earned their $10.

Not sure how much that is in crack.

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I have been on twitter 1,715 days and have tweeted 155 times (only four times since May 2011) => $0.

Oh well.

CBC says $80.50 per gram. Converting to USD ($76.75), you get 36.6 grams. But to be fair, you have to be in a drunken stupor to use crack, so we also need to calculate the value as a composite of alcohol and crack. I don’t know how much crack a typical mayor smokes in one sitting or needs to drink to be in a drunken stupor. I think we’ll need a little more information before we can get a definitive answer.

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Mine is worth NOTHING! :frowning:

Twitter owes my $99.

Which is more than my last year’s royalty checks.

$32,181,533 for @YOUGAKUDAN_00

Thank you XKCD’s what-if #65.

So, what is it like to work for free?

Well, it’s $2 for me. I can live with that, as I’ve received enjoyment and information and even support from vendors via Twitter, that are worth much, much more then that.

And I assume that people like Bieber get something out of it, too.

I wonder what the point of this calculation this? Most internet services , even - no: especially - BoingBoing would be a worthless boring heap of letters without user participation.

importantly, this calculator does not tell you how much you owe Twitter for the value it created for you.

Thank you, corporate overlords, for reminding us proles how much indebted we are to you.

Is there something similar for other social media networks, Facebook, Google +, and the like?

I found one example of something that tries to calculate the value of a person’s Facebook page: The actual site gives me an untrusted connection error, but here are the questions:

Most other calculators seem directed towards business pages. I think that calculating the value of a Facebook page would be harder than calculating the value of a Twitter page because so much can be hidden. As far as I can tell, the “public” can only see my gender, my networks, and the number of timeline or profile pictures that I have. I think you would need to know more in order to estimate the worth of a page (although I was surprised that you can view when someone joined Twitter and what time zone they have set by viewing the page source, so who knows what Facebook makes indirectly available).

Interesting… I also wonder how these companies compute these things internally or if they do at all?

My guess is they do this one way or another - after all they must do something to come up with a ‘plausible’ price list to show to their customers.

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I really should find a better use for my time.

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