How music works like medicine for high blood pressure, depression, and pain

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I’ve been through many times in which I thought I might lose it
The only thing that saved me has always been music

  • Beastie Boys

Jim Donovan, the drummer from Rusted Root, is doing some excellent work on rhythm and biological response. He puts on a hell of an interactive training. The only training I’ve ever found equally immersive was my hypnotherapy work and it tapped into something very similar at the core of how our brains and bodies interface.

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In addition to this being true for me, when I’m feeling really, really angry about something, listening to equally angry music will calm me down. Thankfully, this isn’t how listening to music evoking positive emotions works. If I listen to happy music when I’m happy, I don’t stop being happy. The human brain is weird, y’all.


Thank god for this, too! Music has always been a big part of my life and I was really thrilled to learn that it also helped me better regulate myself.

Playing an instrument can help me improve my mood or distract my brain from something I’m thinking about. My therapist keeps trying to get me to track my mood before and after, but I haven’t developed a good habit around that, yet.

Listening to music can often give me something to hold on to during intense periods (like the music I listened to a lot at the beginning of covid or that one Fleetwood Mac album I couldn’t stop listening to as a depressed teen).


This does things for me.

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I wonder if that has any effect on me? As music has no effect on me.

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