Music reduces the pain and anxiety of surgery


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What if it’s music you hate? Or what if it’s Death Cab for Cutie, they’re just made of pain and anxiety.


When I had my stints put in they asked what kind of music I like “rock, Allman Bros, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead” Sure enough they had it up in no time.


This was my go to during my cancer, it worked, I’m still here.


Depending on the music, some surgery may distract you from the pain.



BTW, “relaxation music” usually makes irritably.


At an MRI I had three years ago they gave me headphones and played me music of my preference through them (some streaming service that gave me songs based on my original selection). I am positive this was used to help relax inside the big claustrophobic clunking beeping thing.


Having recently had procedures- music is nice - but I swear by morphine.


Since the office I visited didn’t have music, I tried meditation to relax by focusing on my breathing. After a minute, the technician told me that I was breathing too deeply, and it was making me move. She asked me to stop, so I spent the rest of the time trying to find the line between not breathing and taking in enough air to remain conscious.


I’ve had 6 surgeries in the last 12 months, including on one Monday, wouldn’t matter if there was music in the operating theatre or not, I wouldn’t know anything about it.


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