Woman plays flute while undergoing brain surgery


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Deep brain stimulation is pretty amazing. They can sometimes use it to treat Parkinson’s tremors as well, and the descriptor of “like flipping a switch” is entirely accurate.


I sometimes play the keytar during my colonoscopy.

It’s kinda frowned upon, though.


Always happy to see stories like these as I get older; pretty sure I am going to need all the medical interventions I can get in another decade or two.


Came for a Jethro Tull reference, and was not disappointed!


“Doctor, will I be able to play the flute after surgery?”
“Yes, yes you will”
“Great! Because I never was able to before”


From my understanding, most of the music comes after the colonoscopy.





It’s incredible. My stepdad had it done a few years ago to treat Parkinson’s. Yes, exactly like a switch flip. Pretty freaking space-age!


How very odd. I would have thought an ocarina more appropriate.


Giving new meaning to the term “wind instrument”


I’m waiting for John Cage’s Duet for Flute & Surgeon


What you don’t want to play in brain surgery is the extended version of 4’33" .


How very wonderful for this woman… hearing the sound of the flute brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.


TM - Transcendental Meditation does the same thing. I had a hand tremor my whole life. My dad used to say I was more nervous than a ‘fox in a forest fire’. As I got older it got worse. I started TM about two years ago and it has completely gone away, along with other mental health beneifts (I know longer yell at clouds). The brain is way more maleable than previously thought possible.


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