How posterity will remember this decade


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Good stuff.

Whenever I frustrated by the idiocies and pomposities of the pompous and idiotic, I imagine what fun the movies of thirty or forty years from now will have with them. Like: An older Frankie Muniz would be perfect to play George W. Bush in a dark comedy about the fulminating bullshit politics that led to the Iraq war. Similarly, great fun could be had with the Soylent drinkers.

Ellis has been on a roll with McLuhan lately. I confess haven’t looked at it for a few years, but I keep a copy of Understanding Media in my cubicle. So I can check to make sure I got quotes correct, like “All the conservatism in the world offers not one iota of resistance against the ecological sweep of the new electronic media.”


I have seen some of the best drunks of my generation ruined by sobriety…


You involuntarily blew my mind. I’m conflicted.


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by post-modernism,
starving, hysterical, bearded,
dragging themselves through the Hackney streets at dawn
looking for just one more tune.
Angelheaded hipsters,
burning for the ancient heavenly connection
to the blacked-out sub in the machinery of the night.


Warren who?
The text does not make much sense. At least it is mercifully short.


This sounds like the starting paragraph to a pretty cool book.


I saw the best minds of my generations… They weren’t all that…


Or poem.


Or James Franco movie.


Soylent will be in the hydrogen juicebox.


Disappointingly short. I thought it was funny as hell.


“I saw the best minds of my generation
Destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical
I should be allowed to glue my poster
I should be allowed to think”


You just won one slightly used internet for the TMBG reference. Wonderful!


Now that we can all see inside each other’s minds, don’t the privacy concerns of those early years seem so childish? Viva the clean slate! Viva the jar head! Viva the holy capitalist conglomerate of corporations!


Comic book writer. Worked on Hellblazer, created Transmetropolitan, the Authority, and Planetary. He’s done a lot of work to try to get comic books taken seriously as a medium by experimenting with different formats and content (superheroes doing archeology instead of crimefighting, politics instead of superheroes, alternate histories, etc.).

He’s having a laugh at the extreme sorts of techno-libertarians who regard their existence as biological entities as revolting. You might be having trouble parsing it because you’re pretty libertarian and there’s an implicit assumption that libertarianism isn’t a good thing.


I haven’t seen that word “choplogic” around before. Looks useful.


I wouldn’t say “revolting”. Grossly impractical, fragile, high-maintenance, poorly upgradable, stuck with archaic implementations full of bugs and interdependencies… that yes. Good riddance, yesterday was too late for an upgrade.


Right, it’s a spectrum rather than a dichotomy; while you’re not all the way, you may be personally a little too far from Ellis on that spectrum to enjoy his political and social commentary.


I see.
The meek shall inherit the Earth.
They can keep the stupid rock.
I want the stars.