How quickly can you turn a meme into an object and back into a meme?

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Guy prints meme image onto T-shirt, and blogs about it. Am I missing something?

Yes. For you or me, it goes like this “Guy prints meme image onto T-shirt, and blogs about it.” Hu hum, end of story.

For this guy, it went like this: “Guy prints meme image onto T-shirt, and blogs about it. Tumblr and other websites go nuts, making it go viral.”

I’d be lucky to get 3 spam comments…

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Ah, I get it now. Luckily I’ve developed immunity to these kinds of virus.

The structure in the background had me thinking he was going to build the damn thing, live in it, blog about his experiences, eventually incorporate himself living in the impossible arched-hut into a convolved, fractal version of the algorithm, print that on a t-shirt, wear it inside his house, take a picture of that and sell it on e-bay whilst hinting that the buyer would somehow be purchasing the impossible house, post a video of the final transaction on youtube, use the proceeds from advertising revenue from that to breed a sixteen legged, 44-eyed dog, splice his own DNA into the dog and the dog’s DNA into himself, post the code on GITHUB and then blog about his speedy decline in health whilst continuing to live in the house whilst ingesting massive quantities of DMT until his demise then shortly thereafter the dog would eat his corpse live on ustream.


They’ve incieved a neologism, do you recognise it?

I like it!

Well, when you put it like that I feel like I maybe could have put a bit more effort in.

Our kids picked the colour scheme for the shed in the background, seems quite appropriate for today.

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