Master the Adobe Creative Cloud here and become a meme factory


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“become a meme master”?




Yeah, good luck with that. All the meme factories moved to Canada.


Still we wax romantic for the days when our parents and grandparents could get good union wages mining the political landscape for humor or assembling LOLcat captions by hand.




a good start, but you should use the correct font and add an image



@jlw likes to play with the StackSocial ad headlines.


Real memes come from a can of Pabst and mspaint.


also the name for spittoons in German fraternity-speak


And of course @Israel_B


Did Jesus (and his finger) suffer a carpentry mishap?


I honestly can’t stop giggling. I think that is some of my finer work, even though it contains (220) grit.


Mine, however, are funny. This one was native.


Gah Poe’d.
That title is such an ‘are they being for real here?’ one though.


Wow Boingboing. I remember the good old days when bb had comments under their posts. I guess free speech offended their writers too much. Now if you want to comment on an article you are sent to a separate “free speech area” (BBS) to comment. I guess bb wants us to just read their articles, look at their ads, and shut the f*** up. I hope that they change their policy. Is anyone listening?.. Probably not.


That’s weird. I hang out on the BBS and occasion out to the main page when the comments make an article look interesting.


Are you disappointed in BoingBoing?

ETA so it took me a bit to join but I have been on the BBS proper since June 2013… so yeah you fucked around for nearly 4 years before noticing the comments were on a different site and then made an account just to bitch about it?