How rich people buy their way out of prison

What the really rich ones do is buy a presidency then install their puppets on the Supreme Court.

Interesting, thanks. I remember reading somewhere that John went to a pretty low-key joint, not really any resemblance to a typical prison. Could be wrong, but sounds about right.

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BTW along this subject - reminder that the right to an attorney and one will be provided if you cannot afford one, is NOT in the constitution and was put into place by a supreme court challenge/decision - which now can be undone as soon as this administration decides it’s too annoying to allow poor people to defend themselves like due process for asylum seekers.


That right has been functionally dead for a long time.

Public defenders across the country are handling completely absurd caseloads that restrict them to a few minutes per client. Mostly, all they do is arrange for extremely hurried plea deals.


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