Woman faces mandatory six years in prison for "painless" kick to deputy's shin

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“She may very well should have been convicted”

Easy now… just slow down and think about each word before you say it.

“… but what you see in the sentencing is there’s no way to reform”

Getting better… ish…

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So much fatalism from the quoted assistant professor. Almost as though the legislative branch couldn’t just pass a law reforming mandatory minimums or something. Sheesh.


Wouldn’t that be “soft on crime”?

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Why couldn’t it be “dumb on spending”? Depending on the state, it’ll cost a good $30k a year for her incarceration, and lost income to the state for her lost taxable income for her for the rest of her life. Incarcerating people on petty offenses, jacked up to felonies thanks to stupid mandatory minimum sentencing laws costs we, the people several times over.


That’s logical. But “criminals baaaaad tough on criiimeeee” is emotional and has therefore more chance to succeed as an “argument” with the plebes.


““She may very well should have been convicted, but what you see in the sentencing is there’s no way to reform,” Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve said in a telephone interview. “It’s a punitive system. The sins of the past will follow you forever.””

Yet somehow most people manage to get through life without multiple convictions for violent crimes. I note she was yet again in jail when she decided to kick someone: “when she kicked a sheriff’s deputy in the shin during a struggle in a lockup”

She apparently had several chances to :'reform" but couldn’t be bothered.

Turn it around, if a white cop kicked a black woman in this fashion, there’d be people here howling for his head on a spike. Especially if he had a prior record of doing this.

“The sins of the past will follow you forever.”" Why should they not for things like a propensity towards violence? Society as a whole had a right to know when such people keep on with their “bad decisions” (To use a currently popular excuse for murder, rape and assorted mayhem in general.)

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If it was not painful and left no mark then it is de minimus and it’s illegal to charge her.


Don’t forget kids, the State has a monopoly on violence and if you do, you’ll be un-gently reminded.


Wow, that’s some crazy-ass false equivalency. Let’s review:

  1. Cops are supposed to be held to higher standards than the rest of society. So there’s certainly nothing wrong with saying “if he can’t do his job without resorting to violence he should find another vocation.”
  2. Changing the participants as you suggest completely changes the power dynamic. A middle-aged black woman has a lot more to fear from an angry white cop than a white cop has to fear from a middle-aged black woman.
  3. Cops rarely even face disciplinary action for violent behavior, let alone criminal charges.
  4. I think you’d be very hard pressed to find an example of any cop, anywhere, who was sentenced to six years in prison for an “assault” that caused no pain or injury.

If a black woman was trying to herd him into a cell, I think that might not get the response you think it would. If he had a prior record for that circumstance, that would be pretty astonishing. Maybe come back when you want to compare those oranges to some oranges?


That’s exactly how I feel about American conservatives’ approach to crime. Getting money for things like education or social programs is like pulling teeth, but when it comes to putting people in jail the sky is the limit.

Whether it’s housing, feeding, guarding and providing medical care to the biggest prison population on the planet or paying out the wazoo to hang onto capital punishment or paying huge settlements for police brutality cases, no amount is too much as long as it goes toward the cause of keeping them criminals down.


You may be surprised to learn that howling on the internet and six years in prison are not actually the same. They’re not even similar. Why are conservatives so fragile that the slightest criticism (of them) is exactly the same as genocide?



Of all the times to be out of <3’s. :rage:

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[quote=“jimp, post:7, topic:73462, full:true”]
Turn it around, if a white cop kicked a black woman in this fashion, there’d be people here howling for his head on a spike. Especially if he had a prior record of doing this.[/quote]

White cops have been caught on film doing far worse for less reason, and faced nothing worse than a stern talking-to.


The USA is very strange in this - criminal penalties never end.

If I violate the law, and am sentenced to five years time, that should be the entirety of my punishment. I should be able to go back to being a citizen.

Any further interference with my life should require an open and evidence-based petition that I can participate in.

  • TL;DR - This is bullshit!
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