Ghislaine Maxwell gets 20 years in prison for helping Epstein groom, abuse underage girls

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Sayonara, scumbag.


I hope she has a really shitty time in there right up to the day she dies in there.


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I wouldn’t be surprised if those behind Epstein, reward Maxwell for keeping her silence, with a quick and painless “suicide”.


The same end as dear old dad and her bestie. It would be fitting but I hope she serves every miserable minute of her sentence.


It’s a start, I guess.


Honestly, 20 years is enough. That ruins the rest of her life and any more than that is costing the state a ton of money just for punitive thrills. Many countries have 20 or 25 year maximum sentences on all crimes for this reason. Prison is supposed to be about protecting society, not punishment (something Americans seem to forget a lot). The only ethical reason to keep someone in prison longer than 25 years is if they would be an active threat to society when they get out. She’s going to be a broken wreck after 20 years at her age.

Anyways, good riddance to trash.


I agree.

Sex offenses and violent offenses are not eligible for good time credits, so she’ll be serving the whole 20 (less time served), so that’ll put her in her late 70s/early 80s as a sex offender felon. She won’t get a job ever again, she’ll likely have no money from civil judgements, and she won’t have a place to live.

Her life would probably be over just the same with a ten year sentence.


I know the adjustment to more modest living conditions will be difficult for her. I hope her cellmates help her out by putting a “chocolate” on her pillow every morning.


… or too certain powerful individuals.

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Or wore white after Labor Day.

Sorry - I’m fresh out of sympathy for her.


10 years could give some hope, of chances of a life after prison.

30 years might lead to an acceptance of a “I am never going to leave prison” viewpoint i.e. a pathway to making peace with that and focus on what you have now (life in prison).

20 years could be the ‘juuuuust right’ for a metaphorical ‘knife wound to the gut’. “Maybe I will die here in prison, maybe I will get out. I don’t know. I don’t know what my fate is going to be” That uncertainty could stalk her for most of her time in prison.


I’m no lawyer, and I don’t pretend to know how the judge arrived at this sentence. But as for the idea that 20 years is too long, I call bullshit. Her victims have to serve a life sentence of regret and loss due to her actions. And there are felons in prison serving longer sentences for shoplifting a 12 pack of beer. Plenty of my contemporaries got longer sentences for selling an ounce or two of pot, back before society suddenly decided that “hey, we can make a ton of tax money selling this stuff!”

IMHO, she is a seriously screwed up individual who has lived a life of enormous privilege messing up the lives of a lot of guileless young women, and she has shown not one iota of remorse. She should never again have the chance to screw up another one.


Who are the men that raped the girls? Where are their prosecutors? Ya, great, Maxwell goes away. I’m crying no tears for her, but seriously, is this the end of the consequences? I call BULLSHIT!


Well, there’s Trump at the least. And wasn’t prince Andrew one?
It’s hard to prosecute heads of state no matter what they do.

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There’s just no evidence. Or it’s sealed. If Maxwell had it, she would have spilled it by now.

It’s over.


Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Putting the perpetrator away for 40 years doesn’t change that. It does however cost the state (all of us) a fuckton of money. Again, this is punitive thinking, not harm-reduction or net-benefit-to-society thinking.

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Not to detract from her crimes or the suffering caused to the victims of those crimes, but I find it disappointing that the only person brought to justice for this enormous debacle is a woman.

I would rather see her get off scot free in exchange for the net to be thrown a little wider.

But alas…