How SERPstash can get your site to Google's first page

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Sounds legit.


Isn’t this what every SEO company that has ever existed promises?


Yup. I can’t tell if SERPstash is any different (and why would it be) because the first 10 pages of Google search results for it are all stuffed with Stack Social advertorial posts on various affiliate websites pimping SERPstash. So, if you really want to stuff the Google results for a potentially dodgy product, then I’d say Stack Social is what you want, not SERPstash. :thinking:




“… and when everyone is using SERPStash to optimize their market penetration, you can upgrade to SERPStash 2!”


I like this tool, before I try to make sure this tool is good or not I will try the trial version. I’m sad when I try to trial only a few features that can be used. To use the premium feature must subscribe first.

I make sure this tool is good or not, I need proof from the user! Have you tried it?

Did you really sign up for Boing Boing using a photo of a Suicide Girl as your avatar to just ask that? :thinking:

You should check Yoast out for real WP SEO.

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