How the "separate spheres" ideology is still affecting us today

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Makes sense it’s still affecting us today. I live in Nashville and one of the things they are trying to do is fix the traffic/mass transit systems that suck so bad here. They want to redo the bus routes to make them more efficient. I can already hear the opponents to this going to the voters (especially the old white voters) and saying to them “You know that will let THOSE people into your area now?”. That will result in these things being voted down due to the “sphere” the people live in and think should be protected at all costs.

Humans can be so dense at times.


What interests me is how some feminists have climbed on the same bandwagon. In the 90’s, Katha Pollitt wrote “Marooned on Gilligan’s Island,” a pointed critique of “difference feminism,” or essentialist feminism, which correctly saw it as a “kinder, gentler, leftish” version of separate spheres. So for example, if boys and girls have different learning styles, let’s have boys’ classes with masculine pedagogy and girls’ classes with feminine pedagogy. To bad for those young people who learn in the style of the other sex.

BTW, what’s in this for Blue Apron?

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They had a different conception of “perfect, angelic ladies” back then.

Breaking down the spheres as to who cooks dinner?

I’m reaching…

I think you’re on to something, Wisconsin.

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