How to bake a Pie-Ger: the HR Giger Pie


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Do you pronounce it pee-ger?


See this is the kind of stuff I keep hoping I’ll see on Boingboing, weird, wonderful, and something slightly out of the way.

Nice find and thanks for sharing.


Just like .gif.


I dunno. He looks pretty baked already:


i , for one , wellcome our new artistic pie baking overlords ~


Some paintings may be less appetizing than others.


I wonder how many of these she’s made.

I would like to take a look at her Pie-Ger counter.


Yes, it’s “PEE-ger”, to rhyme with the name of the artist H.R. Giger. The idea is to subtly suggest that it contains urine.


.gif is the perfect example of what this isn’t. People get to say how their name is pronounced; it’s not a place for differences of opinion.



I’d like to see a redo as a Li Lime Pie. :expressionless:


Rather meagre wordplay, imo.


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