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There’s quite a wide variety of pronouniation methods of acronyms and their ilk - I mean “CD-ROM” is a bastard child, obviously, with plenty of siblings.


‘Jif’… Bah.

Not only is it a hard G because Graphics, it’s an acronym, so the pronunciation should try to be unambiguous.



Clever jirl


Imma shoot you with my USA-made, NATO-issued LASER, it’s an acronym, so the pronounciation should be unambiguous.

light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation




It’s pronounced ‘queef’.

Except they oscillate light, not amplify it, so that should be pronounced LOSER.


I don’t pronounce it, which makes things much simpler.


It’s pronounced YIFF, everyone knows that!


Ping or Pung?


Couldn’t it be “Pee In Gee”?
Though it’s ping, and anyone who says otherwise is a monster.


Wtf are you talking about, there ain’t a vowel innit! Pee In Gee! When I use wtf do you pronounce it wuhft!? One Internet Demerit :dromedary_camel:


Oh, there isn’t really a vowel since the I is silent (as is the P, while the ng is nasalized).
I hope the creators some day announce that it’s pronounced phung.


I think @OtherMichael should rename this thread to “Nerd words that were never meant to be pronounced, but get argued over anyway”


how should one pronounce nwtwnmtbpbgaoa?


Throat Warbler Mangrove.


Should one pronounce nwtwnmtbpbgaoa?

Did you ever want to play questions?


The real question is how would Trump say it?


I remember when the Apple tools tried to convince everyone that the SCSI interface, which had been pronounced SKUZ-ee pretty much since day 1, should instead be pronounced “sexy”, because they couldn’t handle the idea that Apple is associated with anything “scuzzy”. They failed. Idiots.