How to boot your ex from your Netflix profile

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Couldn’t you just change the password?
I’ve fortunately not been in the situation to have to do this, but it seems like a cure in search of a disease…


That doesn’t always sign devices out.
When you sign in (or do the “activate” thing for a lot of streaming services) what happens is your device gets a token linked to your account. That authenticates it, your password is never stored by the device. Those tokens generally live forever so you don’t have to sign in again. Changing your password might expire all tokens, or it might not, it depends on the service.


Even if you’re not sharing your account with anyone you might want to check that page. I discovered my Apple TV was signed in twice. One was current, and the other was from a month or so ago with a slightly different location. My guess is that was when my Fios IP changed.
You don’t want Netflix charging you for a second home that doesn’t exist.


Thanks! TIL.

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Somehow I had someone in Thailand sign into to my Hulu account. Changed password and booted anyone using it.


Then there’s the messier issue of disentangling the saved viewing history.


Excellent feature, and not just for removing your ex.

It would be useful to remotely log off of the TV in the hotel room you stayed in. I’ve seen people still logged in on their account when I tune to Netflix on a hotel TV.


I’ve been separated and divorced for nearly two years and my ex and I still share streaming accounts!

What therefore God hath joined together,
let not man put asunder.

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