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Surprised to see BB promote these guys

I’m still miffed that they changed to a subscription model. I still have my old license and will use 1Password as long my license gets security updates but after that’s no longer feasible I’m going to look for another app.


Didn’t heise write that they back pedalled and will keep the local sync for the old users?

Day One, now those are dickheads.

Though I’m not too concerned by 1Password. As all my personal devices (as opposed to servers) are from Apple anyway, I can use keychain most of the time.

1Password is merely a convenient way to make some personal passwords available on my company machine.

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I too have only Apple devices - passwords aren’t my concern but all the other stuff I store in 1Password: software licenses, IBANs, Credit Cards, PUKs etc.

I rote to them in their forum about being there in 2040 just as a high beam :slight_smile:

You can store those as safe notes. But yes, they are harder to access. OTOH, I’m not that concerned with someone stealing software licenses, those could be stored in the

I believe you can still buy the old-style non-subscription license from them, you just have to look a little harder on their website. Certainly that’s what I did the last time I upgraded my and my family’s copies. (The family group discount is gone now, but that deal was almost too good to be true.)

I have a non-subscription license for the recent version. But I suspect those licenses will go the way of the dodo as soon as a major new version is published.

Care to expand on this?

(I use LastPass but I’m curious as to why there all this 1Password hate.)

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