Save 75% on elite password protection from Sticky Password

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I continue to come to Boing Boing because sometimes there are some blog postings blended in with the advertising posts, but I sure miss Boing Boing.


So sort of like Keepass, except it’s not open source? (Also it costs money and it’s not apparently available for :penguin:, but those are minor details in comparison.)


So, this is something where you pay so you could expose your passwords to a third party? Do I understand correctly?

We sure live in interesting times.


I used to work for the company cited as, “created by”. Excellent engineers. Very competent. But I will keep keepass.


I’m with you, a password manager has to be cross-platform. And be able to be used in a cloud-like basis, even if you provide/host the cloud.

However, in a properly-designed password manager, it’s (near-)impossible for a third party to find out what the passwords are.

The nice thing about properly-designed password managers that come from a commercial source, is that they usually write scripts for their software that inserts your usernames and passwords into the correct places in webpages. Bonus: they won’t do that automatically if you’re on a bogus/phony webpage, thus alerting you to that fact.

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