These 5 highly-rated password managers are on sale for an extra 40% off ahead of Black Friday

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Each time I see BB flogging crap like this, the feeling grows a little stronger that maybe I should stomp off like Cory and be done with BB. Look, closed-source, for-profit password managers are dangerous. Closed-source is fundamentally incompatible with the level of assurance you need for a password manager. On top of that, the for-profit password manager industry has a long, ignominious history of making security blunders so grave that the only reasonable conclusion is that the developers involved are irredeemably incompetent to design security-sensitive software, and for trying harder to silence their critics – sometimes even through filing frivolous SLAPP lawsuits – than to fix their software. It’s painfully hypocritical for BB to stake out an anti-surveillance, pro-privacy, pro-security, anti–corporate-fuckery position while simultaneously flogging this garbage. Do better.


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