Your passwords are the key to you. Keeper Unlimited Password Manager makes sure they stay with you.

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Aren’t there programs that do the exact same thing for free? This all sounds pretty standard.


Forget it, Jake - it's the boingboingshop



Bitwarden yo.

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two’s a crowd on my cloud baby

Heard. Self-hosting is available if you’re interested. I have enough devices I need something that syncs.

Thx, I’ll check it out.

Oh, this bullshit again. I’m very disappointed that BB hasn’t blocked this steaming pile from appearing in their store. I’m just going to copy/paste my comments from last time, since they’re still just as relevant:

Oh fuck no!

Keeper is crapware developed by utter incompetents. This Google Project Zero issue report is a good example of how utterly bad they are (made a profoundly incompetent mistake, patched it, then made the same profoundly incompetent mistake again a few months later):

On top of that, rather than admit their error, they filed a fucking SLAPP suit against a reporter for publishing an article about it. (But not against the Project Zero researcher whose issue report formed the factual basis for the article, because they’d rather pick on a resource-constrained reporter than fuck with Google’s legal team.) Here’s a news article on the lawsuit: When it became clear they were going to lose spectacularly, Keeper voluntarily dismissed and ran home with their tail between their legs.

It really bothers me to no end that BoingBoing is flogging insecure shovelware written by incompetent assholes who file SLAPP suits when someone points out how incompetent they are. Cory ought to feel ashamed for letting this one by.

(Just in case said incompetent SLAPP-happy assholes happen to read this and start feeling SLAPP-happy again: Bring it on, bitches. I am a lawyer. I’ll crush you as easily as Ms. Spears did, but I won’t be so gracious as to let you go without paying my fees.)


I know I’m disappointed in Boing Boing.

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