How to carry a refrigerator while riding a bike





What? You mean that wasn’t his bike?!


Reminds me of a clip I saw on YouTube. It was taken in the Middle East in the 1930s. As the camera pans around an everyday street scene a guy walks by carrying a piano on his back.


But you’re supposed to keep refrigerators upright when you move them!


No steroids or protein powder needed. Just a lifetime of physical labour.

Let’s chip in and buy him a gym membership:
“Bro, do you even lift?”

[ silence]


Tandem bikes are just long bikes with two seating positions. They use stock wheels (more or less) and carry two riders perfectly okay. The second rider is probably heavier than a fridge.


This is another Brazilian video of a guy carrying a fridge in the same way. It doesn’t look like it’s the same bike or man though, and you can see that the bike isn’t modded.

The Viet Cong used to mod bikes to carry more than 200 kg and up to 400 kg per bike. The rider would walk alongside the bike rather than riding it.


Arrest? You’re under a freezer!


It wouldn’t be so heavy if not for all the beer inside.


Actually, no. Anything outside the department store tandem bikes do not use standard road bike wheelsets.

Even before MTB went to 135mm rear hubs tandems were on 145mm wide spacing. Also they tend to use wider and heavier rims than their single-person counterparts. Last but not least tandems tend to start at 36 spokes and 40 spoke rears are not uncommon.


I’m tipping he’s already well into his 40s. He looks old to me. And I’m 43.


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