How to carry a refrigerator while riding a bike


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+1 for cobblestone street.


Good one to save for when I think I have a big burden.


Two observations.

  1. That is one strong dude.

  2. He’s going to regret that when he’s forty.


That was impressive.


Is this like one of those “How do you get an elephant out of a tree?” jokes?


He makes it look so easy.

He’s strong, but I’m surprised the wheels don’t deform.


The wheels on the bike go round and fwump


it is impressive but its one of those little italian / euro fridges. I’d like to see him lift one of our 'murican fridges.


I wanted to see the owner chasing after him, “Stop thief!”


“Freeze! You’re under arrest!”


Indeed. A small fridge might weigh on the order of 80-100 kg (a 9 cu ft Smeg is 82kg according their website), which is not an unbearable load for, say, a well-made touring or cargo bike (but possibly more than the manufacturer recommends), you are likely to at least break some spokes at some point.


“Is your refrigerator running?”


I am absolutely sickened by this.


The Bicycle Fridge Thieves?


Is it just me, or do those 90’s style long shorts make his legs look stubby?


I think it’s a modded bike. For sure, actually, given that he’s actually riding it in the vid without the bike collapsing.


If he was stealing the fridge he’d have been described as a ‘gentleman’, rather than a ‘fellow’.

Okay, I’m impressed that he set off with it, but what I want to see is him stopping successfully.


If I come out of my house and see someone stealing my fridge, alone, on a bike …I think I’ll let them have the fridge. Arguably they’ve earned it and even if they don’t have the moral upper hand in the matter, I think the act speaks against the wisdom of confrontation with the person in question.