How to convert a piano into a working bicycle BBQ

Originally published at: How to convert a piano into a working bicycle BBQ | Boing Boing

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Not a bicycle, it’s called a car in the video. But still very cool.

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Yeah, the blog title is correct with the exception of the words “how to”, “convert”, “piano”, and “bicycle”.

Perhaps “Person Builds Hybrid Keyboard-BBQ Electric Vehicle”.

Impressively excessive and ridiculous build.

Kinda hurts to watch people arc weld without proper eye protection. Even holding his hand over the arc, he’s got to be getting some arc burns in his retinas.

For sort of the opposite of this, for just straight up practical, large industrial repair and fabrication, I like CEEs competence porn videos (still with a bit of humor, such as in the outtakes at the end of their videos).

:musical_note: Do mi do mi do so mi do
Every truly cultured music student knows
You can roast your scales and your pollo asados… :musical_note:

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Classical music is great, but I prefer my BBQ punched up with some organ music…

R.I.P…Miss you Louie. :cry:

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