How to cook Japanese hot pot dishes


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What if our pot is all room temperature? What if we can’t remember where we hid it, after mom almost found it that one time?


Silly fool: you have to steal your pot, so it’s hot.


The hardest part of hot pot dishes is finding the pot. From there its fairly easy. just throw stuff in the pot and take it out and eat when cooked. Most asian markets have thinly sliced meat (or you can use shaved meats typically used for cheese steaks) If you are feeling lazy, you can even pick up premade broths at local asian markets.

The best part of nabe dishes is what you do afterwards. You keep the broth in the pot, add cooked rice and reheat. The rice absorbs all the flavor of the broth, the bits of veggies and meat you couldn’t pick up with chopsticks and becomes a tasty tasty gruel.


IDK, this documentary on nabe shows a whole stable of sumo wrestlers eating from a pretty standard metal pot.


I have used a wide flat pot for simmering Japanese root veggies. But not one cooked at the table. My portable cooktop is too narrow to support it. My point is nabe dishes are insanely easy to do. Especially for a small group of 2-4 people.


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