How to cook turmeric chicken, rice, and peas. In space


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Man! That packaging to food ratio is out of this world.

/ literally!
// I’ll be here all week. Try the textured vegetable protein.


She’s the best. I’ve seen just a few videos of her on the station talking about life there, and they’re always good. I’m not entirely sure why, but she seems really down to earth.





There must be a verb the astronauts have coined or adopted to describe the action of a food-laden tortilla getting away from you and smearing on the station walls.


I think that she owes @frauenfelder a licensing fee for the hair…


Hey, did anybody find the recipe that Samantha is talking about? I didn’t see it as a youtube annotation or in the comments of the video. Any help?


Ugh I loathe turmeric. It’s just French’s mustard in hipster drag.


YOU! Yes you! Out of the gene pool!

But I’ll have to think about cooking in microgravity. I suspect a lot of clamps, blowers, and filters will be involved…


And no wasabi. No wasabi in space! Not anymore!


Do you eat lots of mustard? that would explain it.


Only the kind that tastes like mustard. The yellow kind is contaminated with turmeric.


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