How to crack a $300 fingerprint gun safe in a few seconds

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Instills a lot of confidence…

[note sadly the sarcasm]




Setting up a device you can’t get rid of and that makes a beeping noise that will never stop is quite diabolical in itself, amirite?



Well it was the dumb lock that failed in this case…

But I DO like the tamper alert.

Also, curious what the break in time is with a pry bar. Remember, safes like these are deterrents for casual thieves and curious kids. Actual thief will take it home and break it open.

As I have said before, I fell down a physical security rabbit hole and soooo much of what we think of as locked up and secured can be opened with shims, screw driver, or key sets off of eBay. That’s not even using actual lock picking skills.

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Absolutely. The purpose of all locks are to make it not worth the trouble, but no lock is unpickable.


Once the safe is open, can’t you just remove the battery from the beeping part?


This is the sort of bad that gets people convicted by a jury after an expert says only the owner of the gun could have opened the safe.

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“What the heck is that beeping?”

[opens door]


Owner shot by his own gun.

I think the problem here is the price tag. It’s overengineered and too expensive for the security it provides. People who buy this are going to assume it is a lot safer than it is.


Absolutely, this safe sucks and is a rip off. But even a GOOD safe won’t keep out determined people.

Even those large ones you can barely move you can defeat with a long pry bar. That’s why you really have to bolt it to the ground.

These smaller safes you can just cart off and defeat later if you’re a thief, but secure for opportunists (see something lying around and takes it) or curious minors. And even good safes can be defeated by curious minors with some practice and youtube videos.

Except the other side would bring a witness showing that statement isn’t true. And I don’t think you can make that claim about any safe.

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That’s why you should hire the lock picking lawyer!

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