How to create impressive red and blue 3D effects in Photoshop

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If ISIS gets ahold of this tech we’re all doomed.



I’ve been toying with the notion of trying something like this with some of my own 2D work. It’s always felt, well, gimmicky in a way, but I just like the idea of stereoscopic effects.

I’ve done plenty of rudimentary 3D stuff in Photoshop, but had no idea that there was an auto anaglyph / lenticular feature. Super cool. I will absolutely make use of this.


I’m currently working on my new 5d painting. Amazing! I can’t wait to complete it.

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Here’s what I made, using this tutorial and my icon:


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Is it GODZILLA overlooking the state of AMERICA?

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Nah, my amazing artist wife does the kaiju thing more than I do.

But Tyrannosaurus is an American dinosaur.

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