Trippy new experiments in "Magic Eye"-style autostereograms

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The coin one was actually really nice. When it snapped into focus it was still just a table of coins, but they were hovering at three distinct different depths.


I have never seen anything in any of these. I refuse to believe this is some failing with me and therefore I can only conclude that these are all fake. Anyone that has ever claimed to see something in them is lying!


Wow, I love the checkerboard illusion and the complementary color music one. I’ve always loved these, and I’m glad to see someone playing around with them again.


My favorite Scott Pakin project (Hi. Scott!) is still the automatic complaint-letter generator.


the artist’s comment about this one puzzles me because i clearly see the floating shapes i’m not getting the effect of “. . . how the colors in this image vanish when viewed as a stereogram.” i’m still seeing colors in the shapes. i may check the color settings in my monitor.

my favorite feature of the autostereogram is the way the scene takes on an almost hyperreality, as if the drawing then becomes more crisp and defined than it is when you look at it without the visual and mental blending.


Same here. I can easily see the 3D shape but the colours stay exactly the same



I see shapes in these but not … what the shapes are supposed to be

They’re just blobs floating in space

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I was looking at it before scrolling to the caption below and my eyes focused the same colors together, I could see something 3d but its shape wasn’t recognizable. After seeing the caption I realized I had focused too wide. If you narrow down so the notes of opposite colors are crossed (about half way from what I had done earlier) it works and you can see the image which as jccalhoun knows does not actually exist.


I still have one of the original Magic Eye posters in a frame around here somewhere that I bought as a teen. My partner has decided that it is not appropriate home decor for adults. Haha

I still seem to have the muscle memory to quickly see the hidden image.

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I think your partner is probably just like William in Mallrats and doesn’t want it in there to remind them they can’t see the sailboat! :grimacing:


For me, I see a violin and the colors all turn to a dark grey but the edges of the shapes still buzz with color.

This one seems to have several focal depths. If you cross your eyes very slightly (so you see 9 bars/columns left to right in the image) the colors disappear. It’s a more ‘shallow’ eye cross than is needed for the others. When you cross your eyes as much as you would for the other images, you see colors still and an unrecognizable image.

Incidentally, I use the Magic Eye eye cross technique to solve those ‘can you spot the difference between these two images’ puzzles. The differences stick out easily because they ‘buzz’.

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That probably has a lot to do with it! I know she can’t see the hidden images easily.

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You have just changed my life…

Oh wow, that’s genius and it totally works in your example!

This is a binocular chromatic rivalry situation. Your brain may or may not fuse the colors so they cancel out, depending on how dissimilar they are. If if can’t reconcile them, you get a piecewise alternation of colors, as the visual system suppresses the chromatic information from one eye and then the other.

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Me, too: distinctly 3D amorphous concavities. The “color disappearing” one I saw the same shape both in black and white and in color, depending on my focus. I even opened them in a larger size.

it’s better if the original flat image is noisy and chaotic, gives our eyeballs more information to work with

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