Doom as an eye-melting Magic Eye puzzle

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The old game Magic Carpet (or one of the sequels) did have a mode like this built-in. It was horrible to play. In that game you play a wizard riding a magic carpet and shooting spells at enemies.


It was IIRC, Magic Carpet 2, and the experience was unsatisfying.

Try as I might, I’ve never been able to see Magic Eyes…I am disappoint.

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You’re not missing as much as you might think. It becomes(appears to be) 3 dimensional, but it is just shapes with the same coloration as the background. It’s a cool effect, but after some time not being able to see it, I was disappointed when I finally did.

Theres also a version of this for Quake II, which can be a lot of fun to play. The difficulty is recognizing distant enemies and close-up doors - it’s not always apparent when something might be a switch or a door other than maybe a small outset frame, so it’s best for maps with which you’re already familiar.

Also: don’t go “cross-eyed” - you need to focus more distantly than the screen in order to cause the common dots to align correctly. Cross-eye stereograms invert the spacial distribution, which will cause near things to look far and vice versa, which will be particularly confusing if not headache inducing. Look at something 3m (~10’) beyond your screen, then whilst keeping that focus move the screen into the view, et voila.



Thank you, OMDO


“Mr. OMDO, why did you do this?”

“Because I could.”

def came_here_for(image, intellectual_property):
    if image == intellectual_property: 
        return disappointed = False
        return disappointed = True

Edit: Formatting.

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Are you saying you can’t see it? Cause if so, I’ll fix it. I can see it fine, though, FWIW.

Oh no, I can see it just fine, just a stupid attempt at humor.
Basically “Came here for picture of Willam from Mallrats, was not dissapointed”
But written out as a generic python function.

I’ll show myself out


Sorry I didn’t get it… not a programmer.

I was wondering if anyone did get the reference, so at least someone did. I’d bet that far more folks here got your python reference than got my Mallrats reference, so take solace in that! :wink:


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