Stereographic music video


Lossy video compression is not a friend of RDS.


The video is kinda challenging to watch, but I like Magic Eye stuff anyhow. Good song, too.

The undulations in the middle of the video were my favorite part, really trippy :smiley:

It’s really weird how the lower bitrate version has “waves” of compression artifacts. I could focus on the image fine for a few seconds, then lose the whole thing when youtube sent me junk. I wonder what the technological reason for that is… I would think the artifacts would be constant.

At any rate, viewing the song in full size at max resolution makes it infinitely more watchable.

Is a cute gimmick, glad they stuck a sailboat in at the end.

This was really cool, but it reminded me of my love of stereograms. Now I’ve been looking at them for a while and I have a pretty bad headache.

To this day I have NEVER been able to “see” a Magic Eye picture.


I had everything going and ready… then YouTube popped-up some spam and I lost it. I hate those video pop-ups!

You might prefer the Vimeo-hosted version on the band’s site:

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Thank you for that! :smile:

I can NEVER do these!!! Whenever I relax my eyes; the image NEVER comes out at me…it always looks like a hole to me…I see the negative space and not the 3d image…what the hell is wrong with me?

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You’re focusing closer than the image, instead of further away.

The band’s site linked above includes a ‘cross-view’ version.

Those are more often than not inverted for me as well.

You’re focusing closer than the image, instead of further away.

What does that even mean? How do you focus further away?

works best in 144p

edit: that there just changed to Vimeo right after I said that

Answering a sarcastic question. Because I can!

Look at something out of a window and prferably far away.
Get used to the focusing ‘flex’ you are using.
Quickly switch to the screen.
Takes some practice as your eyes will just snap straight to the focus depth of the surface of the screen.
Do it a couple more times and try to hold the focal depth as you move your head. Try not to focus your attention on anything, concentrate on your peripheral vision to get away from the focusing reflex.

Rinse. Repeat.


Still doesn’t work, I give up. I’ll just always see them inverted.

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Basically, you are sort of crossing your eyes instead of letting them diverge a bit…
It also helps if you stand on one leg and breath through your eyes.
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Nope, still inverted.