Optical illusion delivers incredible depth without having to cross your eyes and get a headache

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Same distance.

I am… atypical.


color me unimpressed. Maybe the example is a poor one?



Or that NFT is broken.


Opening the large image on the website worked for me. Red further back. Trippy!


I guess the blue looks a little further away to me? Slightly? Perhaps?

So if you click through the colors are reversed, and that is the one that looks slightly further away to me…

It seems to me, though, that I still see the red as closer in the one posted on the BB page…


Are we talking about the eye in the article, or the swirly target in the linked page?

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Don’t worry, we can just fork the block-chain.

Edit “o” for “a”

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Stilling getting red being closer and blue further away…




I have astigmatisim in both eyes and my glasses correct that of course. One of the benefits of that correction is they behave subtly as a prism and greatly enhance the effect shown.

Red is clearly visibly floating in front of blue in the images. Additionally, viewing this on a 30 inch display at 3.5’ distance, the red appears approximately 2mm higher than the blue.

This is a really great example of deliberate chromostereopsis.


“Oh, it’s a schooner.”

But really, this illusion has always really worked for me, even back in the early web when a scrolling banner utilized these color schemes I thought they were wizardry.


I see it. The red looks further back than the blue - by less than a centimetre, so don’t expect anything dramatic. It seems to need both eyes to see it though it is nothing to do with stereo or parallax.

Our eyes have pretty bad chromatic aberration. Normally image data is smeared out by the chromatic aberration. Maybe red texture on black and blue texture on black remain looking sharp, and that feels a bit like parallax when we are using both eyes.


Well, I see a slight tunnel with the blue pupil, and with the red pupil the blue seems slightly further back… but if the article is accurate the illusion should disappear with one eye closed and it ain’t so whatever I think I’m seeing isn’t chromostereopsis.
Kind of reminds me of driving at night and seeing the speedometer, odometer, and other glowy stuff on the console lag behind the console itself when I turn my head…

This illusion isn’t very pronounced when viewed on LCD monitors because the color primaries aren’t very pure. It is much better on a CRT monitor with the purer primaries generated by the phosphors.

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The red appears “closer” without my glasses on - but with (my) specs, it’s pretty flat

This company: https://chromatek.com/ uses prismatic glasses to accentuate the effect. They used to have 3D laser shows and stuff back in the nineties.

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Nope. Looks flat to me


This works something like a Necker Cube for me, red-foreground, blue-background, and then it reverses.

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