The stereoscope was the virtual reality of 1838

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My immediate thought: “Did they use it for porn?”

Checked the article, and … well, no surprise there.


I want something I can enjoy without giving it my full attention while I’m also doing something else.

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one of my favorite people from twenty years ago has a condition that does not allow for stereoscopic viewing of pictures. she always sees two different images. but, from what she told me, regular vision was just that. she is a medical doctor and spoke words about it that i didn’t understand so i believed her.

it must’ve sucked being a child of the '70s and not being able to enjoy a viewmaster.

McDonald’s put out a good stereoscope viewer earlier this year. I made my own card template so I could use my own photos. Virtually sitting at my desk any time!



So far VR headsets have proven to be every bit as paradigm-shifting a technology in our time as stereoscopes were in theirs.

Which is to say, a fun novelty that has yet to make much of an impact on most people’s daily lives.


VR is still using the same idea of offset images.

Its still a thing and available to more people.

I still think that VR should be studied for use in psychiatric treatment. I think it could be useful for treating things like phobias and PTSD, but I am in no position to study it.

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Most of the Civil War photos that we are all familiar with, including portraits of President Lincoln, were shot in stereo.
The Library of Congress has a vast collection of them.

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