Zebra is a minimalist maze game that will mess up your mind


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but I can’t resist things that say “guaranteed to give you a skullcrushing headache”

Damn you, Rob. My eyes.




MY EYES !!! What did you do to my eyes!


What an unpleasant site.


Ah! I think I know the trick! Just fill in the white spaces with black marker. Then you can . . . no, wait . . .


All I can say is NO


Anybody interested in joining my class action lawsuit?


omg. NOOOOOoooooo!



A nice challenge for those bits of my brain that ingest crap-quality visual info and churn out something meaningful…

But geez. A few minutes later, and I’m still feeling a bit odd.


reminds me of jodi.org’s doom/quake mods back in the day


Reminds me a little of a mod back in the day that turned one of the many 3D shooters (possibly Descent?) into a Magic-Eye-style view. Fun stuff. What’s this headache you speak of?


Maybe it was from all the time spent years ago on an Atari 2600 attached to a B&W TV with bad horizontal hold, but I didn’t find this too awful.


I enjoy “watching” my brain try to cope with stuff like this. The colours were very pretty.


I don’t feel so good…


Sue BB! :wink:


My eyes were streaming tears within 15 seconds. This is so painful, it’s hilarious.


As a challenge that was a little fun, but at one point either my eyes quit or my brain flipped the circuit breaker and stopped processing the garbage coming in.

It would be more fun with more pseudoephed.


waa ah ah-ah?
(i’m down with it)

is there more after that?


I just used the whiteout I use for fixing mistakes in Word.