How to download and save your Facebook data before deleting

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Hi, your hyperlink to is broken on the blog post. It’s missing the colon in https// , and there is also some trailing text that shouldn’t be there/

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Delete your Facebook

Rather than deleting individual Facebook accounts…how about intentionally polluting/corrupting their database into utter uselessness: fill it up with ‘fictitious nonsense persons’ (by changing your own existing accounts and/or creating new ones). Make up ‘counter-stereotypical’ Facebook people such as: DailyKos readers who collect AR-15s; Rush Limbaugh-listeners who march with Black Lives Matters; San Francisco bike-riders who voted for Trump! If enough new “users” like that pop up, pretty soon Facebook is 250 petabytes of “junk data”! Let’s call it #EffUpFacebook

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