How to draw hyper-realistic chocolate bars

So cool to see Mark here.

How to draw a chocolate bar that from a distance looks like a brown cock and balls hanging out of some ripped-open gold lamé “bling” underpants.

Can’t unsee that now, thanks a lot.

That’s a metric ton of Malcolm Gladwell bullshit right there. Innate ‘talent’ is an essential component of world-class practitioners of any art. Every one of us has upper limits in our cognitive abilities, our muscular control, our sense / perception abilities, etc. 10,000+ hours of basketball practice may make you or I the best basketball player you or I could be, we’d still have our asses handed to us by somebody like Kobe Bryant. I could study and practice musical composition for an eternity and still get schooled by a five year old Mozart.

There was a very good discussion in this podcast of You are Not so Smart of how the 10,000 hour research got misinterpreted.

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