How to draw hyper-realistic chocolate bars




Cellophane? It’s not, is it? It’s got to be some kind of plastic. Cellophane is that old fashioned crinkly stuff.


Step 0. Be born with talent.


Counted the “zig-zags” but not the ripples.


Next you’ll tell me that I don’t actually have linoleum floors.


There’s a Monty Burns meme in here somewhere (rummage, rummage)…


As an educator, I hesitate to attribute anything to talent that can more easily be explained by hard work, reflected practice, unbridled enthusiasm, and a great deal of time.

Also: “Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing; so be careful what you get good at.” -Rust Cohle


So step 0: First learn to draw really really well.


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Fucking artists, being all talented n’shit…

Steps 1-6: still looks like a drawing


Who starts on the second Twix bar before they’ve finished the first? Heathen.


Great comment. I recently read “Talent Is Overrated” and have been convinced that while some may be born with a certain amount of innate ability it is not nearly enough to make one great at something.


By “heathen” I assume you mean those who prefer Heath bars.


What one is born with is a stubborn streak. That is all you need. It can have different names . . .


“Talent” is really a passion overlaid with a crap ton of practice.

It’s just a willingness to be bad at something long enough to get good at it that produces what looks like talent.


If you knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery it would not seem so wonderful at all.



The harder I practice, the luckier I get

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As the father of a talented kid, you’re absolutely right. Talent is no substitute for skill.


Painted billboards in the 70’s, we called them pictorials. Cars, Burgers, and Faces as real as we could paint them.
Sadly, I have no inclination to do it at this time. It was a neat job.


it is a plastic formulation.

In some countries it is a type of mylar (if it is silver colored on the inside).
in other countries it is different type of polypropylene film (if it is white on the inside).

side note: unfortunately either way they are a very difficult type of plastic to recycle in this form, the weight per contamination level both from inks and product, make them financially unviable to recycle so thye are landfill filler.