Watch: Epic ink pen drawing on a pizza box

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That’s just beautiful. People who can draw amaze me.


Practice helps more than most think.
It is having the need to do it that make it get to the next level though.


Normally i’d agree with you, but I can just barely do print writing. My mild dyslexia/autism precludes doing art. It has taken me years and years of hard work simply to be somewhat competent at piano and guitar. And you have NO idea how many mistakes I’ve had to correct in simply writing this…


I have shaky hands and what I could almost certainly get diagnosed as dyspraxia – strangers are comfortable commenting on my lack of fine motor control – and I can’t write words without resting my hand on the page. I physically can’t draw expressive lines or fine graphical details, and possibly neither can you.

But there are lots of ways to draw, and if you don’t get hung up on a specific outcome, you 100% definitely can do it. I think the main psychological barrier people have is that they see an accomplished finished drawing, and imagine working towards that, and think (correctly) that they wouldn’t be able to make a drawing come out that particular way. But that isn’t what the original drafter did, either; they were just making marks and looking, and the drawing is what happened to be left on the page when they were done.

'Course, the other obstacle is that it’s hard to get into drawing if you don’t have any use for drawings.

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I have kind of the opposite problem. I draw, but I am rubbish at music. I don’t know if there’s a medical reason for this, or if it’s just that I can’t be bothered to practice, when I know damn well that…

But I was wondering, @beep54orama, if this struggle was something you encountered with just 2-dimensional art, or whether you had a different experience with either 3-dimensional media such as clay, wire, or wood sculpting, or even digital art.

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Dude… John Callahan.
It is truly a need for people. They can’t not create with pencil and paper. These are people that always have a notebook full of stuff they are working on when they have a spare minute.

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